SA born Siyabulela Xuza has a planet named after him


Imagine being in a room full of young successful entrepreneurs being addressed by Flotus her self, Mrs Michelle Obama and in her address uses you to make an example of great success but here is the real kicker, she then compares you in the same sentence as Potus himself, President Obama. Well, this young man Siyabulela Xuza didnt have to imagine it, it happened to him.

Meet Siya Xuza, a young South African entrepreneur who has moved from singing praises for Nelson Mandela to being a Harvard Graduate in Energy Engineering.

In an astonishing rise from once working in a vegetable field, Xuza has met three SA presidents, the king of Sweden, Nobel laureates, astronauts and the UN secretary-general.

His life changing journey began at the tender age of 12 when he used utensils in his mother’s kitchen to bake rocket fuel “like cookies” and was scolded for causing fires. Four years later, his “safer and cheaper” solid rocket fuel won him the top prize in its category at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in the US.

Nasa’s Lincoln Laboratories then gave the name “Siyaxuza” to a giant asteroid near Jupiter, discovered in 2000, and which they describe as “minor planet 23182”. You know you have made it in life when an asteroid is named after you. How one moves from an unknown village boy to having a planet named after him is just a stagger.

“I prefer to describe myself as an aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for using technology to solving the world’s energy crisis.” says Xuza. To all you young people out there with great ideas, dont grow faint, your chance will come and when it does you will be ready to show the world what you are made of.