Audi has launched a sport racing bike


The new Audi bicycle is sure to get all the cyclists ears raised, yes, German premium carmaker Audi, has launched its limited edition “Audi Sport Racing Bike”. Get your brain buckets out and let’s talk about this particular bicycle.



This is an exclusive make, it is a high-tech and high performance racing bike which can take on almost any mountain and race track. The wheels are lightweight Meilensteins carbon clinchers and the group set is Shimano Dura-Ace Di2. Apparently, the carbon fibre that Audi has used is known as T1000, which was created by Japan’s Toray Industries Inc. This is the very same material that is used in Audi race cars.


e-bike-carousel_4_finalIts saddle is said to also be outfitted with an Audi Sport covering, which is made from the same fine nappa leather used in the new Audi R8.


Perhaps this could somehow explain its price as well. This bike is reportedly $19,650, roughly £12,600, with only 50 available world-wide. This price is not too far apart as that of an Audi A1 car, as it goes for £14,355.

This creation has been in partnership with fellow German company Carbon Sports, and the 50 units that will be sold, come with Carbon Sports unique carbon fibre used in the production of the various components of the bike.

The Audi bike weighs in at just 5.8kg due to an ultra-light, yet high rigidity and a carbon frame. The frame heights come in 48, 51, 54, 56 and 58 cm.

These bikes are available on request worldwide, with only 50 units available, this will definetly leave many Audi lovers asking for

So, to all the cyclists out there who cannot wait to get this bike parked in their garages, make the order through Audi while stocks last.