5 Apps you need to have:


Tablet PC with cloud of application iconsWe can all agree that mobile applications play an important role in today’s fast paced world.  We’re always on the move, our time is most limited and valuable- which is why mobile apps have become so handy.  Whether you want to order lunch, need a taxi/cab to get you from point A to point B or want to book for that much needed holiday- millions of apps are available at your fingertips, helping make a worthwhile decision. This week on Nunnovation, we take you through 5 of the best apps that you absolutely need to have on your phone. Let’s get to it:

Number #5: Hello Heart
We care about your well-being! According to the World Health Organization (WHO) high blood pressure is estimated to cause 7.5 million deaths, about 12.8% of the total of all deaths worldwide.  This Android App will help you keep record of your blood pressure reading, making it easier to improve your health condition.  The app allows you to add your prescribed medicine into the app and it will remind you to take them every day.

Number #4: My Money Tracker
Here’s an app that will make you spend money more wisely.  It will track your finances, making sure that your wallet stays in good shape throughout the month. Yes, the question “Where did my money go?” will no longer be part of your vocabulary- thanks to this app. It will help you see where you misspend, teaching you to budget and save where possible.

Number #3: Google Photos
For all the selfie-freaks like myself, this is the perfect app! You never know when you’re going to lose your phone and you never know when your memory card may crash.  Worry not! Google Photos has your back, literally! It allows users to backup unlimited pictures and videos to Google’s cloud, free of charge.  As if that’s not enough, you can create montage movies, interactive stories, collages and animations using this cool app.

Number #2:  WinStreak
We all need a little day-to-day motivation in order to push harder.  Commitment, goal-driven and productivity are three of the most important qualities that every entrepreneur needs to have.  WinStreak helps you reach those daily goals by allowing you to choose three “wins” (goals) you want to achieve daily, helping you stay productive thus letting get one step closer to reaching those long-term goals.

Number #1: On Watch
Safety matters, this app lets you send your location to people you’ve chosen as emergency contacts.  When you’re in a dangerous situation, On Watch allows you to set an alarm that sends your location and text to your contacts.

We hope these top 5 apps on our list will help make life a little easier for you, after all that’s what technology is about, convenience.