UCT’s H3D Lab To Produce Life-Saving Cures


68b79f15-a55e-4a13-82bd-74ebad84b96e-2060x1236The University of Cape Town (UCT) has launched a new chemistry laboratory (H3D) aimed at boosting further research and developing life-saving medicines. The H3D lab is under the university’s Drug Discovery Centre.

The lab has been getting foreign/international recognition since the critical research into discovering and getting the malaria cure as a single-dose. The groundbreaking work by H3D of the malaria cure being a single-dose has put the lab on the international map.

According to the H3D lab founder and director, Kelly Chibale ”The new medicinal chemistry laboratory is expected to attract significant foreign direct investment and world-class partnerships and talent.”

This lab has been built and equipped with high-end features which ensures high safety standards.

Professor Chibale has announced that a brewing interest from international companies is going on and that they are increasingly looking at Africa as a possible game changer.

IMG_0219”Internationally, there is a paradigm shift in the way pharmaceutical companies are operating. they are lining up to partner with top-level universities. World-class infrastructure and talent are two key ingredients for attracting pharmaceutical industry partners. in Africa, this is already starting to happen through H3D.” Chibale explains.

UCT’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Daine visser is also a supporter of the lab’s medicine research and findings.

”We see the new medicinal chemistry laboratory as another step in helping H3D to work on finding more effective medicine, particularly for people across Africa” Visser said.

The South African Department of Science and Technology is a partner to the university’s Drug Center. The ministry’s deputy director-general, Mmboneni Muofhe hopes for another cure finding.

” In south Africa, we are home to so many people who are looking forward to new kinds of drugs. I do believe we are going to make the breakthrough that will confirm what we we’ve always believed” Muofhe said.