GE has recently opened the GE Africa Innovation Centre (GEAIC) in Johannesburg, South Africa, which is the first of its kind in the continent. This centre of excellence for technology and innovation houses the new GE Healthcare headquarters which are meant to serve SubSaharan Africa by improving core areas in healthcare. The facility also aims to improve healthcare through infrastructure development to identify innovative solutions.
The healthcare facilities are built similar to those of a hospital environment with machinery for radiology, maternal care, cardiology and oncology which enhance one’s experience like the name of the site suggests.
The “Healthcare Experience Centre” aims to be the home of innovation for the participants trained and visitors with its augmented reality displays. Innovators and engineers will be using the prototyping lab to develop creative solutions that can be manifested into real solutions used by fellow Africans in the Healthcare industry. With the use of the available 3D printers, concepts will be printed and tested by relevant candidates in the SubSaharan region.
GE’s Healthcare Experience Centre will not only educate and inform anyone and everyone interested in visiting it, but also provide crucial resources needed to experiment, learn and develop for the tech-savvy innovators full of intriguing concepts which could change the healthcare game like the head of GEAIC states, “We also like to challenge them to find innovative solutions to big problems and to also share information with each other so we can start to build a pipeline of talent, and innovation.”
GE has been invested in the developments of Africa for a good amount of time in various projects, however, the GEAIC, similar to the ten other Innovation Centres they own globally, will boost technological developments where it’s needed most – a continent of third world countries. This initiative should enable progress in projects relevant to the continent’s healthcare needs.
By Palesa Bogoshi