Improving your personal and corporate life with these five easy tips


When climbing up the corporate ladder or working on starting your own business, one of your daily issues would be; the stress you experience daily from not obtaining funding for your business, dealing with the colleagues with questionable work ethic for instance.
Most of us, are stressed out to the max, believing that going through pain, stress and all kinds of negative emotions would take us to the next level of our businesses or give a sense a greater success, which is understandable, considering that you wouldn’t get anything you desire or deserve if you stay in your comfort zone. Every now and then, pushing yourself brings great results; however, this shouldn’t be done at the expense of your health or happiness.
Truth be told, you can achieve the goals you set earlier this year and still manage your stress levels. When swarmed by all the negative energy brought by stress, you restrict your abilities to be great, which will affect the impact of your goals in the corporate world and personal life.
Here’s our advice that would help anyone from students to entrepreneurs, businessmen and businesswomen trying to decrease their stress levels, increasing their impact and improving their quality of life while, marching towards their corporate goals and personal ones too.

1.Incorporate ‘Down-time’ in your weekly schedule
This could easily be a lunch date with a friend, take a walk around the office block, or simply take your lunch break outside and away from your desk.

2.Eliminate activates that drain your time and energy
We all have those bad habits that we fall into during work hours, gossiping, playing games on the net, checking social media sites. However, if we planned our day each morning, with a clear task on what needs to be achieved, we could all have that extra time in the day and leave the office early!

3.Reorganize your errands and how to achieve them.
The weekend comes and you literally feel like you put your head down two minutes ago and it’s already Monday! And if you have kids, it feels like an extended week. Try and delegate house chores, kids love being in charge. Write a list of things that need to be done and see, which are the most urgent and who is around to help.

4.Don’t be a stationary being.
Research clearly states that exercise actually helps the mind be more alert. Start by taking walks in the morning for at least 15 minutes

5.Relaxing is the best thing since sliced bread
If you feel the need to take a nap before dinner time, do it. Binge watch your favourite show, do it. Always remember to put in time to relax and tune out from the world.

Benjamin Franklin once said; “if you fail to prepare you prepare to fail. With poor preparation, it is difficult to take on tasks with a clear vision, affecting your performance. Poor performance leads to poor results, which lead to increased stress levels. Most successful individuals are successful because of the preparation they have put in to achieve the great things they have. So many people want to be known as the founder or CEO of that well-known company that generates millions annually, but how many people are willing to put in the work and preparation it takes to obtain such success?
Acknowledge the small accomplishments you make. This will contribute to those big goals you set, allowing yourself to be more grateful and see matters from a positive light. Record these accomplishments weekly to see the progress you’re making and it will assist you in maintaining the productive approach. All the positivity will allow you to put your mind at ease and help you gain momentum for the following week. Acknowledge every accomplishment, big or small, you deserve to!