The Old and New Innovators of Urban Mobility


Transportation over the years has transformed drastically being one of the biggest innovations in technology. With consistent developments, we have been able to travel at a faster rate, covering more ground and expanding influences which enabled globalisation today. We’d like to focus specifically on land transportation, thanking the innovator who contributed to the progression we’ve gained in this form of transportation, Isaac R. Johnson.
Isaac R. Johnson was the inventor of a patented form for a folding bicycle frame, and although he was not the only inventor working on bicycle inventions at the time, Isaac produced the common bicycle frame still used today. The bicycle frame could be separated or folded to store in the trunk of a car or other small places and specifically great for travelling. As an African American, he faced several challenges obtaining the patent, however, he received the recognition deserved once the frame was patented in 1899.
Isaac R. Johnson’s invention was possibly the inspiration behind the gadget we’ll profile this week – the bendable bicycle.
Invented by the young millennial, Kevin Scott, the bike can be wrapped around a lamp post or pole, which solves various problems from storage and space to thieves targeting your bike. Now, one can store it in an innovative manner and discourage thieves from taking your prized possession! The young Industrial Designer used a ratchet system built into the frame of a bicycle to enable the bike’s flexibility to wrap around poles.
The bicycle bends to lock onto itself so chains and locks are not needed to secure it. The bicycle lock is able to secure the frame and both wheels. Just like Isaac R. Johnson, Kevin Scott’s objective was to find a way to store this human-powered transportation in small spaces. What makes this awesome is that the bicycle is both bendable and rigid. A bit of an oxymoron, don’t you think? A cool bicycle design that has brought some fun into urban mobility!