Disney’s new technology brings Colouring Books to Life


It may sound insane that, what you have just coloured in a few seconds ago will be a 3D image on your IPad, dancing around on your screen.
Disney has recently created an App that can recreate a 2D image from a colouring book into a 3D animation through augmented reality. While this may be a distraction in order to keep your children busy or help you tune out of your daily stresses, there are some health benefits to ensuring that your child spends some time with a colouring book and since technology is all around us, this would be a great way to engage them.
The colour psychology organisation states that benefits of colouring for any child includes;

-Improved motor skills
The precise grip, motions and actions found in the act of colouring in, aid children in the development of muscles in the fingertips, which at a later stage help them in writing more skilfully and adapt in sports activity.

-Improved focus on hand-eye coordination
Coordination and the ability to focus is just developing in children, so it becomes important for them to identify the colours and implementing it in the ideal spot.

-Boundaries, structure and spatial awareness
Colouring sheets can offer a sense of structure and the need to having boundaries.

The Disney team in Zurich thought it to be important to merge old boring sheets of colouring paper into a more digital interactive platform for children, which will encourage children to be more creative. As a child fills a colouring page of a cartoon, the app through the webcam of an IPad or smartphone is able to scan the colours, patterns they create to fill in the 3D animated model.
Since the drawing is that based on a 2D image, the formulated algorithm is then able to infer the colours and patterns onto other parts the 3D that aren’t represented on the 2D image.
However, for now, this remains a research project and only works with Disney’s colouring books. Hopefully, soon the App will be available to everyone across the globe.