Be cool as cupid with these gadgets


We at Nunnovation understand that our gadget-loving, tech-savvy readers find it tricky shopping for Valentine’s Day, with all the tacky red faux roses clouding your judgement on shopping trips. As we tend to love gadgets a bit too much, we can relate to your frustrations, and so we found our Top 3 favourite Valentine Gifts which you could purchase for yourselves and your special someone before those faux red roses deceive you.

Ringly Backstage Tourmalated Quartz.
This stunningly designed bracelet would sweep your Valentine off her feet with its sleek 14k gold plated base and mostly, the chunky emerald-cut tourmalated quartz. However, it’s not just a chic accessory she can pair up with her little number. Ringly Backstage Tourmalated Quartz pairs up with your iPhone or Android and sends notifications! Yes! Gadgets are now high fashion accessories too. The notifications are shown with five coloured lights and vibration settings which can be customised for each of the contacts. The bracelet has a battery life of 24-48 hours depending on usage and comes with a micro USB cable, bracelet charging box and an Aries bracelet.

Sprocket HP
This small gadget allows one to capture memorable moments with their loved ones by printing photos from smartphones! The wireless smartphone printer is a portable device that prints 2×3” snapshots and stickers. Personalise prints with borders, emojis and more using the HP Sprocket app. One can easily print selfies and social media posts in a few moments and place them on the wall or fridge, to create colourful collages. The images come out bright on durable, water resistant, smudge proof and tear-resistant photograph paper.

Public School’s Fitbit Accessory Axis Watch Band
The stainless steel Fitbit accessory band was inspired by power, speed and motion. The high fashion watch band houses your Fitbit device in an appealing manner with its untraditional take on a classic timepiece. Fitbit helps one reach their fitness goals by tracking activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep, assisting their progress to healthier lifestyles. Public School’s addition to the device makes it easier to wear with any outfit, to any place and is uniquely designed to look classy yet stylish on both men and women.