Africa’s First Interactive Digital Centre


The collaboration between the City of Tshwane, the capital city of South Africa and EON Reality Inc. of the United States of America, Tshwane Interactive Digital Centre (IDC) was established early last year. The Interactive Digital Centre is a state of the art initiative that has introduced Africa, let alone Tshwane, to the latest tech-savvy interactive Virtual and Augmented technologies and 3D Digital Media to up skill members of South Africa. Nunnovation recently visited the centre to get an epic Virtual and Augmented Reality experience, and we weren’t disappointed!
In the aims of providing access to interactive 3D technologies, the Tshwane IDC has ultramodern infrastructure like the virtual showroom, training room, project room, development lab and the 3D classroom. With the help of 3D experts, we were guided through the hands-on Virtual Reality experiences which excited all of our senses.

The VR Innovation Academy of Tshwane IDC offers training to 50 students, annually, free of charge which is broken down to four months of theory and seven of practical. The programme is suitable for individuals interested in ICT technology, who also have an understanding of the technologies involved such as web development, computer science, animations, multimedia, engineering, architecture, game design, mathematics, physics etc. With Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality being a fast growing sector, the IDC aims to support local industry developments and create employment opportunities through this initiative.
The students, who have been working together to create various VR solutions in the past year, will be graduating soon and introduced to the corporate world by firstly pitching their business proposals to a panel of experts. Not only does this provide employment opportunities for them, but also exposure to the global competitiveness of the VR industry.

Virtual reality is transforming education as we know it. The IDC lets us explore the available demonstrations to expose the masses to the fastest growing technology of the century. With the contributions from Tshwane IDC, a large-scale 3D technical capacity will be built in Tshwane, which will support transitions to smart-cities leading to socio-economic growth and development. It is also a major player in the emerging global VR/AR market, leading South Africa towards a local digital and knowledge economy.

The essence of this facility is to ensure that such high-end technology in South Africa is seamlessly transferred and accessible to every child in our country, assisting in greater quality of education.