TIH Entrepreneur Spotlight – Sean Moolman PowerOptimal


We are ending off the week on a powerful note, as we had the opportunity to engage with the CEO of Power Optimal s that is fully endorsed by The Innovation Hub.

PowerOptimal is a proudly South African company, which has a proven track record of successful installations over the last 7 years. PowerOptimal aims to improve the South African electricity supply through their demand management technology. Their ELON system combines a proven automated demand management technology with remote metering of solar PV (photovoltaic), dispatchable demand response and solar PV water heating. Using their proprietary direct current (DC) switching technology, water heating using solar PV is now cost-competitive with solar water heaters and heat pump systems.
We had the opportunity of asking Mr Moolman the following questions about his company and some of the challenges they still face today.

What is your core business function?
I am the CEO – responsible for company strategy, management, business development, etc.

What inspired your innovative idea?
Johan Theron, our Technical Director, is the inventor and developer of all our technologies and product platforms. He developed our demand management technology platform in response to the load shedding that started in 2008. We have since expanded the product range to include distributed generation technology (solar PV for water heating). This is something that can help support the African energy revolution.

Define your business and what exactly it does?
We are a technology company specialising in energy technologies – specifically energy demand management and distributed generation.

What do you think sets you apart from everyone else in your industry?
We are a South African developer of new technology addressing (South) African energy needs.
We don’t just import international products and try to make them work here.

What has been the most challenging tasks in terms of kick-starting your company?
Business development is critical but difficult – you have to make the sales to make the company succeed…

Tell us about more about yourself, your background? Inspiration, Field of study, Interests?
My background is in chemical engineering. I have a very broad interest in most fields of science, as well as technology and innovation. Elon Musk is a big inspiration – as opposed to many of the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, he is not afraid to tackle big problems.

What are your business goals in the 5 five years?
By that time I would like to see PowerOptimal be a sustainable company that contributes meaningfully to the African energy revolution.

What areas of business would you like to know more about?
I still need to learn a lot about things like deal structuring and financing.

If you had to attend a business talk event, as an entrepreneur and future employer what type of topics would you like, for such events to tackle? that are relevant and informative?
Business development, financing, deal structuring.

What type of assistance does your company need at the moment?
We are looking at raising investment.

What impact would you like to make in our society?
We would like to make a meaningful contribution to the African energy revolution through South African ingenuity and technology.

PowerOptimal is an inspiring company that went above and beyond in truly researching what kind of solution is needed for the South African market and its people and through that a new innovative approach was established in changing the lives of many South Africans.
For more on PowerOptimal or business enquires www.poweroptimal.com