Kuri The Cutest Robot To Own!


With adorable visual physical attributes, the device is packed with features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 1080p cam and sturdy wheels designed to transverse any interior flooring. The eyes of the Kuri robot makes it evidently clear that it was designed with the aim to make it the cutest robot helper on the market.
Created by the Bosch-backed startup Mayfield Robotics, Kuri is able to use its camera to guard the safety of your home and more vulnerable members of the family like pets, especially when you’re away. Using its WiFi connection, it can notify you about the weather at scheduled times. It can also work with IFTT, the online rule-maker with a ton of smart home partners, to control some connected devices.

Unlike other helper robots on the market, Kuri’s advantage is its personality! With its quirky wordless chirps and nods, it makes the robot more appealing to children. This makes it easier for this device to stalk your children without freaking them out! Instead, you can monitor the safety of your children, pets and elderly members of the family in a friendlier manner when using Kuri. The device will monitor various rooms and halls in your house while entertaining them too!

Kuri recognizes faces and contexts so it adapts its cute responses to suit each member, and although Kuri cannot speak, the robot plays podcasts, music and tell stories to help the young ones fall asleep at night. And if bedtime stories aren’t enough, in its chest, the robot has built-in LED lights to scare away monsters and entertain the children till they’re lulled to sleep.

The robot is instantly likable, with the way it smiles and looks at you while responding to your remarks using voice recognition technology. Once it fully recognizes you and your voice, it will manage to navigate successfully from room to room thanks to the remote control in the app. It will hardly bump into objects found in its path because of its laser sensor and is just 20 inches tall and 14 pounds/6.3 kg so you can easily lug it to different floors.
Kuri has an iOS and Android app, and three hours of battery life.

By the time it launches it will be able to follow a routine based on who it recognises and send custom notifications, for example, notify you if your toddler is too close to the stove so you can call him/her to another room and distract them from the stove, or yell at your cat sitting on the kitchen counter. It will use predetermined routes, notifying you if it spots anything out of the ordinary and uses its motion and sound detection to hunt down unusual occurrence, sending you a recording.
Although Kuri will be launched soon, we hope it will be developed into a fun family toy in its next edition so as to not waste its adorableness!!!