In the year 1963, 25th of May, the very first Africa day was celebrated!

Africa day or better yet known as Africa freedom day or Africa liberation day was established through the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), now known as the African Unity (AU).

Each year on the 25th of May, Africa day is celebrated, but what is Africa day all about?
Africa day is about how 17 countries gained independence from European colonisers between the year 1958 and 1963, causing the newly-liberated countries to express solidarity with one another in the year, May 1963.

An estimate of 32 African countries met in Addis Ababa to form the AU, and since then 21 more states have joined including South Africa, who became part of the organisation in the year 1994 following the end of the Apartheid years.
In the year 2002, the African Union was launched in Durban, South Africa. Approximately ten years later, former Foreign Minister Nkosazana DlaminiZuma became the first woman chair of the AU Commission. The Organisation headquarters still remains in Addis Ababa up till this day.

Although Africa day is only just seen as a national holiday in a handful of countries, it is still widely celebrated throughout the nation! To celebrate Africa Day, as the Nunnovation team we continue to uphold good news through informing, educating and inspiring those around us!

Happy Africa day!

Bianca Ernst