Imagine bathing, without all the logistics…Dry bath


A South African college student Ludwick Marishane from Limpopo has gone against all odds and created a solution for lazy people who don’t like the process of bathing. I mean you have to place the water stopper, open the water, check the water temperature, take off your clothes, get into the water, rub some soap onto the cloth and wash your body, rinse, remove the stopper, now you left with the nasty ring around your bath which you must clean before getting into the next war of covering all that you cleaned so you can be a normal law abiding citizen.

Well fear no more…

Marishane has a solution for your lazy hygiene: the Drybath. The world’s first shower gel that doesn’t require water to clean its user is conveniently packaged in a small packet, making it easy to pass on to a smelly roommate or friend, but it aims to accomplish big things. I mean its really a dream come true (You slap on the germ-killing lotion and then you don’t need to take a bath).

dry bath ludwickThe idea was born when Marishane was a teenager and his friend complained that he was too lazy to bathe. “Why doesn’t someone invent something you can just put on your skin and avoid the need to bathe?” his friend wondered.

Marishane won the 2011 Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Award Program is an international competition that recognizes high school, undergraduate, and graduate students who own a business. In 2011, four years after Marishane hatched the idea for his ground-breaking product, he won the organization’s Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year award, along with $10,000 in cash to finance his startup.

Marishane, who was studying at the University of Cape Town at the time, beat out 1,600 other student nominees from around the world.

His “germicidal Bath-substituting skin lotion/gel,” is a bacteria-killing gel that is rubbed onto the skin like a moisturizer. “DryBath was made to save the lives of the over 2 million destitute people who suffer and often die from easily treatable diseases like trachoma, diarrhoea, etc.,” Marishane explains on his website.

Innovation may sometimes start as a selfish act towards making ones life simple but Ludwick’s invention is now helping with the reduction of diseases around the world.