Africa is amongst the best tourist destination in the world


WAYN is the world’s #1 travel and lifestyle social network. WAYN has recently announced that Reunion Island, just off the coast of Madagascar, is the world’s “Top Dream Island”. And it’s not just WAYN (Where Are You Now) which is saying this, It is the result of a poll they carried out, and it attracted thousands of voters from across the world.

Reunion Island beat Seychelles by more than 13,000 votes to come first. Bali in Indonesia came third. There were four other nominees in the finals – Bahamas, Zanzibar, Hawaii and Ibiza. These seven islands were selected by tracking user engagement on and through market research. WAYN had created a microsite for the competition and asked their members to vote.

Together, the seven contenders received 68,000 votes. No island received less than 7,000 votes. Peter Ward, the co-founder and CEO of WAYN says that all the islands in the final are beautiful, and they all deserved to win. But Reunion was a hot favorite as it beat its nearest competitor by a huge margin. It seems a lot of people want to visit the Reunion Island, he says.

Manager of the French Indian Ocean and Asian markets, Stephane Bonneau, said they are extremely pleased with this global award. He hoped that more tourists would now visit the islands.

Reunion Island is a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean. This is French territory to the east of Madagascar. The nearest island is Mauritius. It is about 120 miles or 200 kilometers away. It’s a little world in itself. Jutting out of the ocean, there are beautiful beaches, jagged peaks, lush forest, lava fields, sprawling coastal cities and stunning resorts.

This is certainly a huge award for the Reunion Island. Africa could do with many more such awards. -Stream Africa

So before going to Islands like The Bahamas and other islands overseas, start at the number 1 island right here in the heart of africa.