Modern Day Shopping- Africa Style Online


Ever wished that clothes would just appear at the click of a button? Well, it’s possible. Technology has afforded us the opportunity to shop online. Online shopping is such a convenient and efficient way of buying some of our favourite clothing brands.

This multi-billion dollar industry continues to grow rapidly, and we have spotted an online fashion store that is making waves in SA. Co-owned by two friends and business partners Phetola Mofokeng and Lesego-Tshepang Mokoena, “AfricaStyleOnline” is growing in the South African market.

I got an opportunity to chat with these ladies about their online retail store and it is clear that this is the new way of shopping in South Africa. These women are not only beautiful but also business savvy, they have identified a gap in the industry and decided to open this store to cater to the 21st century man and woman who is trying to find a work-life balance. This is what they had to say about their online store:

Phetola and Lesego
Phetola Mofokeng and Lesego-Tshepang Mokoena, co-founders of Africa Style Online

 Africa StyleOnline is a fashion retail store operating online. It is a fashion hub that gives African designers a platform to showcase their products nationally as well as internationally. Our store is open 24/7 which offers customers the convenience they need to shop wherever, whenever. We also realised that Africa has so much to offer. Our continent is rich with culture and that is translated through our fashion. We felt that it is time that the world look to Africa for inspiration.

We are different from all the current existing online stores in SA because our focus is to introduce African designers to the world. Africa is rich in talent and creativity with a variety of African designers from all spectrums. Sadly they often get pigeonholed into a stereotype of “Africa Fashion”, almost as if, if you have seen one you have seen them all. Our focus is to change that and show the South African consumer the variety and differentiation amongst them.

Some of the popular brands we sell include:

– StrussBob

– Cloud9 urban wear

– Popular Nigerian handbag designer O’eclat Designs

Visit to purchase from this online store!

Online shopping is a quick and easy way of shopping, no hassles and no queue’s. Being part of the “microwave” generation we gravitate towards anything that is quick and doesn’t require too much work.

Another advantage is that online shopping reduces crime, with less people having to carry around cash or cards. Whether you are a working woman, a business man or a stay-at-home mom, eCommerce is the way to shop and we love it!!!!!