Top African Women in New Media: Irene Kiwia


irene kiwia picTanzanian born powerhouse Irene Kiwia is a force to be reckoned with. Born and bred in Tanzania this women has made a significant difference in the lives of women in Tanzania that is worth acknowledgement. With a great passion for the empowerment of women in her country, she has done tremendous work over the years.

Irene Kiwia, this is a woman who was born in Tanzania in 1980 in Arusha, Tanzania. She attended the University of Dar es Salaam where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Public Administration. With experience in media, Irene worked as a television and radio host. She launched a reality TV show “Kisura wa Tanzania” (Face of Tanzania) that focused on empowering young girls to pursue their dreams and follow them through.

Irene is the managing director of her PR and Communications company Frontline Porter Novelli. When she founded the company in 2006 the company was Frontline Management Ltd until 2010 when she partnered with US based PR leader Porter Novelli.

Irene’s interest in women has led her to be co-founder and president of an NGO, Tanzania Women of Achievement. This organisation aims at empowering women in Tanzania, with programmes namely; Tanzania Women of Achievement Awards (TWAA) and TWAA Mentorship Program. The awards are aimed at celebrating the achievements of women in Tanzania who are making a mark in their communities through the work they do in their respective fields. The mentorship programme is to groom young emerging female achievers in order to encourage them to grow and develop themselves in whatever they are doing.

Irene’s work was recognised internationally when she was nominated by the US State Department to be part of the Fortune/US State Department Global Women Mentoring Program, where she was mentored by Fortune 500 women leaders. This fueled her passion for grooming young people and her arrival from this trip propelled her to start the TWAA mentorship programme.

A mother of two, with good looks, brains, a compassionate heart and multitasking skills we can’t help but wonder what this woman can’t do. She continues to soar and we wish her all the best in her endeavours. As renowned poet Maya Angelou would say

“You make me proud to spell my name W_O_M_A_N”