Top African Women in New Media: Khanyi Dhlomo


Khanyi-DhlomoSadly we have come to the end of our ‘Top African Women in New Media’ series. We have profiled some of Africa’s most influential women and we close it off with a bang. This week we profile South Africa’s media sweetheart, Khanyi Dhlomo.

Beautiful, humble and dynamic are the first words that jump into my mind when I think about this woman. I first met her last year at Skip’s Fashion Exchange in Pretoria, and I was in awe. She has such an aura, that even with her being soft spoken, when she speaks she demands your attention. She is what I call a classic case of simple elegance. She knows how much of herself to put out there, never compromising who she is. Her sense of style is sophisticated and decorous, from her hair, makeup to the way she dresses. Dubbed as one of Africa’s most influential women in 2011 by Forbes, this mogul has made her mark in the media industry.

Her success story is one based on hard work, perseverance and a deep passion for her work. Born on 17 December 1974, she is the youngest and only girl of four siblings. Studied Journalism at the University of Witwatersrand and then she did some low-pay freelance reporting jobs for the SABC. In a newly democratic society, the opportunity for the first black news anchor on SABC’s 8pm time slot came, Khanyi couldn’t resist. Her charm, eloquence and peculiar meekness drew audiences to watch her daily. It was hard to believe that such maturity came from a 20 year old. Even with her success as a news anchor, she still had a burning desire to work in print media.

She got hired at True Love magazine as a beauty and fashion assistant, and soon got appointed as the editor at the tender age of 22. Being young and on trend, she managed to pull in a younger audience, doubling the sales of the magazine in no time. She was soon editor of one of the most successful magazine in the country. When her marriage to Dr. Mkhize was disbanded and after 8 years of spearheading the magazine, she stepped down and moved to France. There she worked as manager of South Africa’s Tourism Board in Paris.

In 2007 Khanyi graduated from Harvard Business School where she did her MBA, and this is where she met husband Chineze Chijioke and Jonathan Newhouse (Chairman of Conde Nast International which publishes Vogue Magazine). Upon her arrival back to SA, she founded Ndalo Media in partnership with Media24 (Africa’s largest media company). From Ndalo Media she published Destiny Magazine in 2007, a business and lifestyle magazine for the modern woman. With the advancement of technology, Ndalo Media also launched which is the online version of the magazine and later on Destiny Man. Last year Khanyi launched Luminance, a luxury and contemporary fashion and lifestyle department store. Based in Hyde Park South Africa, Luminance is one of its kind in Africa under Ndalo Luxury Ventures.

Even with so much success Khanyi Dlomo continues to embody humility and sophistication. It’s in her smile, her poise, and her conduct. As we come to the end of this series we saw it fitting that we honour this powerhouse. Even in her little corner, her light shines so bright that it is hard for us not to see it. We wish her success in her endevours and surely hope that she will continue to shake the grounds and break the status quo.

She is by no mistake, a Nunnovator!


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