LG G3, The End


The age of promoting self love which I would say is boarding vanity has arrived, we are now the generation of Selfies (which by the way is now an official English word in the Oxford dictionary) and as any smart innovator would know, we need forward thinkers who ensure that our self is met with convenience.

LG has done it again, they have launched the latest innovation from their stable called the LG G3 smartphone. Can i just say the phone is EPIC, The End.

I attended the LG launch organized by Ogilvy and they sure know how to throw a party for their clients. The launch took place last week Thursday at the The Venue in Melrose Arch, the perfect place for the launch. The room was filled with young smart phone fanatics, hosted by Jen Sui and live entertainment.Guests were welcomed into the venue with interesting cocktails with dry ice as one of the main ingredients. While we waited for the launch to start we got to test the G3’s selfie special feature where you are not required to press the shutter button to take a photo, all you have to do is wave your hand and the self timer counts down from 3 and snaps your photo, how awesome. There was a violinist playing along with some music but she was inside a huge bubble, can we say nostalgia right there.

Enough about the logistics lets get into this new fancy gadget by LG. LG has launched its flagship G3 smartphone in India and aims to turn heads away from market titans Apple and Samsung. The successor to the LG G2 has a 5.5-inch (14 centimetre) display with screen quality four times that of standard high-definition resolution and extensive battery life.

Features crafted in to entice smartphone lovers includes ramped up camera capabilities that allows people to take “selfies” with gestures, and laser-enhanced focusing. Along with touches such as curving the G3 to make it fit more naturally in a hand, LG overhauled the user interface to make it simpler.

Among improvements is the ability to unlock the G3 by using a series of finger taps, and a built-in virtual assistant of sorts referred to as Smart Notice. It offers suggestions based on factors such as user behaviour and location.

LG also added a “kill switch” that allows G3 owners to lock, wipe clean, or permanently disable a lost or stolen smartphone. The G3 is South Korean-based, LG’s latest champion in a smartphone arena dominated by Apple and Samsung. G3 handsets are powered by Google’s free Android software.

“Simple” is the new smart and LG continues to live up to their slogan and we look forward to seeing what else they have in store. The move to make selfies easier to take is the highlight of the phone along with the ability of focusing on the subject within a split second. At this rate SLR cameras are slowly becoming irrelevant we can only hope that they too are making some innovative moves. If you find yourself in Johannesburg go check out the LG store at Monte Casino, the experience there is better than a visit to a fun park, LG is on technology sterioids.