Celebrating Game Changers – Anele Mdoda


Last week we told you we were doing a series titled “African Women in New Media” and the first write up was about Bonang Matheba (South African). This week we look at another renowned South African woman in media, the queen of daytime radio Anele Mdoda.

Anele is currently is the radio presenter of the afternoon show Highveld Stereo and her station describes her best. “When Anele’s in studio, you’d swear she’s just hanging out at one of Joburg’s vibey hotspots – and you’re right there with her, let’s face it, that’s a pretty great way to feel on a weekday afternoon…

If this city had a face, it would look a lot like Anele. We’re still trying to figure out how she does it, but she’s always raring to go. She has all the latest fashion, music and celeb news coursing through her veins – and she’s always looking to let you know all about it”.

I first heard of Anele when she was on Five FM with co host with comedian and actor Grant Nash. The minute I realized that we had common crazy love for Beyonce i knew she was a person to listen to on radio, i mean she has great taste after all.

But Anele is not just a young woman who has great taste for music, she is a serious game changer in the media industry. In the past two years alone we have seen her on our television screens more often than not, she is a judge on the new hit music reality show Clash of The Choirs Season II, she was also judge in season I so clearly the producers and us the viewers are in mutual agreement that she is good at what she does, she also managed to fit in being a judge at the prestigious Miss SA, and Hosts a daily radio show from 3-7pm. Anele also hosts Dream School SA (Mnet) meanwhile she collects awards from different brands such as Glamour Magazine and others.

She is one of the most loved and followed celebrities in South Africa, sufficiently opinionated about politics, in the most mature and sensible way. She takes up the social media responsibility of teaching her followers about what is truly important in South Africa. A true ambassador for change and progress in Africa. She is doing a remarkable job in every task relayed to her.

What do you expect from a woman who looks up to people like Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and Khanyi Dhlomo, only the best.

Anele is a fabulously fierce woman and she is still in her 20s so imagine what she would have achieved by age 40.

Keep doing what you do best, Nunnovation will always be there to tell the world about the good Africans are doing to put our continent on a bigger space.

Keep your eyes on the lookout to see who next week’s Young Women in Media will be profiled.