Africa’s first Google House event held in Nigeria

Africa’s very first Google House event was held from the 14 -16 October  in Lagos Nigeria. This event was to educate Nigerians about how different Google features and applications can make their day-to-day activities easier. Nigerian is currently the strongest economy in the African continent and this event proved to be a success. This was an invite only event that hosted media, educator, policy makers and the likes.
Google revolutionized the internet and it keeps improving their products and services to compete in a fast growing market. Everything is online these days, and part of Google’s mission is to make your online experience as simple/seamless as possible. Those referred to as BBT’s (Born Before Technology) can also make use of these applications with ease. A popular application at the moment is Google Maps which guides you on your location, where you’re going and even goes further by advising on routes to avoid that either have tolls or condensed traffic. However many other Google technologies are still minimally explored and this is the gap that this event aimed to bridge. Many people still only utilize Google as a search engine and for their emails, and there’s so much more that Google offers than these two features. A couple of the features and apps that were used included Google Chrome cast, Google Play, Google Plus, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Talk, Google Now, Google Navigator and so on.
google house ng
Google House Demos scenarios include 8 spaces:
Living Room – This room displays High quality entertainment content consumed by the demoer thanks to Google services (e.g. Google Play, Voice search, YouTube and Chromecast – TBD) and our multi-device experience.
Kitchen – Celebrity Chef, Tolu Eros cooks up a few typical dishes illustrating products, such as Search, YouTube G+ and Google Play, enhance the cooking experience.
Travel – 2 different settings (bagging area, restaurant abroad and ski lift). Demoer highlight the importance of products like Google Now, Translate and Voice Search while traveling.
Teen Room – How Google can help you in your learning about the world. The demoer is a teenager studying Arts and Science using Google devices (Nexus and Chromebooks) and services (e.g. YouTube and Cultural Institute) to learn.
On the go area – Outdoor space setting (e.g. bus stop) to show how Google can help users navigate the own local area. Sign-in benefits like Google Now and products offline mode like Maps and Play are at the core of this room.
Women’s Fashion room – Demoer is planning next shopping trip. By using Google devices, the demoer checks the latest fashion trends using YouTube, Search functionalities and G+ communities.
Men’s theme / sports room – It’s weekend and the demoer is chilling out searching for some sport’s content. Demoer read sport magazine, watch YouTube sport channels and check out G+ sport communities on his Nexus.
Future Room – This room consist of products such as Chrome cast, Map maker and Google earth.
Earlier on this year we learned about Google’s self driving cars, and it is obvious that we are still a long way from using such advanced technology but this is a great start. Whether you’re searching for information, getting updates on the latest gadgets or just trying to get directions, we all make use of Google atleast once in our daily lives, so the more abreast we are with their latest technology to simplify our lives, the better.