Horyou Sucessfully Launches the Social Innovation & Global Ethics Forum

Jonathan Parienti – Horyou CEO, making opening remarks

Excellence knows no limit, neither does it respect boundaries nor class. Although it is a fact that global society is still hung up on conforming to the norms which are holding the globe at ransom of perpetual mediocrity, there is hope for human kind.

The Social Innovation & Global Ethics Forum (SIGEF) that was launched in Geneva this past week is a step in the right direction, a breath of fresh air in my opinion, whilst Jonathan Parienti (The Big Cheese at SIGEF) Says’  its an opportunity to showcase our universality as a society and empower each other to come together, connect and inspire  in a way the would chart the direction and set acceptable standards that encourage the development of a culture of excellence. This he said as he welcomed delegates from across the world in Geneva on October the 22nd for the inaugural Global forum of social innovators and prominent thought leaders in doing good for the benefit of society.

SIGEF is organised by Paris Based Horyou Foundation, that is making huge strides in bringing together creative & fresh minds from across the globe to share their thoughts and opinion on the value of getting involved in being the change they want to see in their own communities.

As an Entrepreneur and scholar of innovation, I’ve attended a few relatively similar occasions that purport to be addressing societal issues for common good, i was absolutely impressed to say the least by the level of engagement and  mind boggling thinking that left me deep in thought evaluating my contribution and the impact i’m making in my backyard (before i start pointing my well groomed fingers to the next person).

The team at Horyou made sterling job in bringing sober minded speakers from across the globe and good mix of delegates that are robust in their interactions, with mature and stern undertones on all topics presented.

Peter Kyne once said the morale of the organization if not built from the bottom up, but it filters from the top, such is true from my observation and interaction with the hands-on leadership at Horyou. It would be great to see an improved mix of young people from developing nations taking the stage.

SIGEF 2014 Session-Nagidmy Marquez, Mariwether Hardie, Murilo Gun, Richard Stallman, Jonathan Parienti

This free entrance event brought in various heavyweights as partners from across the continents, who made it possible, visit SIGEF2014 for a comprehensive list, including videos for all plenary sessions, awards, closing remarks and photo gallery.

One of my highlights includes creating an eclectic network of captains of industry from Rwanda, The Democratic Republic of Congo, France, and the United States of America to mention a few. This includes 30 social innovation projects from across the globe that showcased and competed for a prize and a chance to improve their exposure globally.

These are the winner in the different categories at the SIGEF 2014 Awards, for making a significant impact in the societies in which they operate and have a potential to impact the world. The majority of the winners came from the African, Southern America and USA regions.

  • Humanitarian Contribution Award: Dr. Georges BWELLE (from ASCOVIME)
  • Public Choice Award: BEYOND BEANIE
  • Music for Empowerment Award: Chad Harper (from HIP HOP SAVES LIVES)
  • Arts and Education for All Award: Touraya Bouabid (from AMESIP) 
  • Social Inclusion Award: Claire Nimboe Ndi Samba (from REPCAM) 
  • Ecosystem Preservation Award: Julio Andrade (from Brazilian NGO, Pick-Upau)

You can be rest assured that there will be a number of collaboration and partnerships that will come out this event, that will enhance the service

Khathu Mashau – Nunnovation (SA) & Chad Harper – Hip Hop Saves Live (US)

of these social innovators and further inspire other to do more.

The SIGEF 2014 forum ended  on the 24th October 2014 on a high note, and renewed focus for majority of delegates, who were expressing their interest to meet in 2015 as they bid each other goodbyes

Over the next 3 weeks, Nunnovation will publish various articles on projects from the SIGEF2014 that we believe you should know as they are innovatively making a difference in society.

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