5 Apps that Can Save Your Life on the Road


NunnovationA recent study has shown that people between the ages of 21 and 35 in South Africa die not because of illnesses but road vehicle accidents. The fatalities on our roads were for a long time caused by drunk driving but a new trend of texting and driving has seen many lose their lives or suffer lifetime injuries due to this. It only takes a few seconds of your eyes off the road for your life to come to a halt. I am guilty of such and I’m sure many of you reading this.

Discovery insurance has taken a stand and created an app which shows them if their client’s accident happened while they were on their phones or not. Now this is a great initiative and so i went online and looked for more apps which can help save our lives and those around us.

1. FleetSafer Mobile App
Designed by Aegis Mobility, the FleetSafer Mobile app is meant for commercial fleets equipped with Blackberry, Android and Window handsets. The app automatically locks the handsets while users are driving to prevent emails, texts and calls. In fact, it also sends out auto reply messages to incoming emails ad texts. Employers can customize the app according to their needs and the app is triggered by GPS and Bluetooth.

2. Drive First App
This app was designed exclusively for Sprint Android smartphones. The Drive First app disables the function of a phone when it detects a driving situation. It locks the phone’ screen, redirects calls to voicemail, and allows access to three contacts and three mobile apps. It also blocks off text message alerts and informs the sender of the driver’s unavailability. Employers can configure the app with online access for the handsets of their employees.

3. Cellcontrol App
This app utilizes Bluetooth features that directly integrate with a vehicle’s diagnostics in order to determine the motion and apply its purpose. The Cellcontrol app can be used on an array of devices and it helps prevent drivers from being distracted on the road with their devices. The app is highly beneficial to many employers as it offers convenience and efficiency in preventing negligent driving leading to accidents and settlements that could have been avoided. “When damages in an injury claim are life changing, the financial liability of the insurance company can be very high. In injury cases involving large settlements and awards, it is essential to retain qualified legal counsel to protect your rights and seek full compensation for damages suffered.” says bobcohenlaw.com/ and this is why employers seek to reduce and eliminate such negligence.

4. Textecution App
The Textecution app is designed to recognize if the handset is traveling at a speed more than 10mph. Upon detection, text messages can no longer be sent or received as the app automatically disables the feature. However, this app can only be used on Android handsets.

5. DriveSafe.ly App
Designed by iSpeech, this app can read out text messages and emails out loud and responds without the need for drivers to handle their phones. Fortunately, this DriveSafe.ly app can be used on Android, Blackberry and iPhones, allowing more drivers to be equipped.

It is sad that we now have to rely on Apps to stay safe but at least something is being done about it. The next time you see someone text and drive just hoot at them and give them “The Look”. There is never enough when it comes to innovation which can save lives so get innovating who knows who your innovation could be saving next?