Happy Days Are Here, Ramona Kasavan changing the lives of young girls


Happy Days – Restoring Girls Confidence

In South Africa and many 3rd world countries, things like basic sanitary towels are a luxury to girls in rural areas. Most girls miss 55 days of school a year because they have no access to sanitary towels as they are expensive. Here is a social entrepreneur who came up with Happy Days, inexpensive sanitary towels which she distributes to remote villages for young girls so they can have the pride and confidence of going to school no matter what time of the month it is. Ramona Kasavan, a young, beautiful and full of energy entrepreneur who is very passionate about education and uplifting the confidence of young girls across Africa.

imageRamona says “The average South African schoolgirl will miss 384 days of her school career, for the simple reason that she can’t afford sanitary pads. Further faced with “aspirational” images of women as “clean” and “fresh” the combined effect is a dramatic impact on the scholar’s education and a negative body image that might never be shaken off.” And this is why she had to take the stand and start Happy Days which to this day has brought many happy days to young girls across South Africa.


In an interview with Amaphiko Ramona highlights where research and passion really started taking shape “For my post grad degree it was obvious to me that I would write about adolescents and teenage-hood was. It was an amazing topic: totally mind blowing. Reading tons of articles fighting for honesty in advertising, embracing womanhood, understanding our bodies and freedom of expression. This forced me to explore the two greatest mysteries in my life- the constructs of femininity in advertising, and my own sense of self.

My research proposal asked the following questions; What were the challenges that young women face in society? What were they lacking in terms of social resources? What encourages them to have sexual intercourse and why is the rate of teenage pregnancy so high in our province in particular? These questions took me out of comfort zone to Umlazi, situated west of Durban; it is one of the biggest townships in KwaZulu Natal. Divided into low, middle and high class according to alphabets; I focused on F section; home to gangs, criminals, rapists, drug merchants and unemployed and apathetic young men and women.” And the rest they say is history.”


Happy Days celebrates womanhood and makes girls accept themselves and countering the insecurities faced by youth of today. Studies show that positive thinking and positive emotions shape our society. It is a brand that understands the challenges that every woman faces, physically, emotionally and mentally- present a positive experience of menstruation, stripping it of anxiety. If you or your company want to play your role in empowering young girls get in touch with Happy Days and make a contribution, R150 can supply 1 girl with sanitary towels for the whole year, yes only $15 can change a life.

With innovation being the buzz word on everyone’s lips it may sometimes seem as though innovation is for those in 1st world countries where a crisis for them would be a network being offline for a few minutes while in 3rd world countries there are serious problems which affect our society one way or another. Social entrepreneurs continue to make great strides in making the lives of ordinary people better and social innovation plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the processes are quicker, easier and more affordable. We commend Ramona for standing up and being the voice of many girls who were voiceless for a very long time.