The Wheels on The Bus are Changing lives


South Africa is divided into 3 ecosystems, the rich, the middle class and the poor. The 3 are even located accordingly, the rich live in the suburbs, the middle class live in small apartments and townships but they have access to the rich’s resources, lastly the poor, they live in villages, mostly remote villages where one would need to set up a proper trip if they need to go to town, as the logistics are not as simple as the other two classes.

In this era of technology, it is difficult for those in villages to move with the times as the infrastructure is not up to date. It is going to take a while for optic fibre to get to rural areas as electricity is still under developed in most remote areas.

Now here is a company which has come up with an innovative way to get people in rural areas in touch with the fast paced moving generation. They have found a way to fit in electricity, internet and information all into a bus.


MST Specialised Vehicles (MSTSV) is the fusion of technology and mobility. Through this fusion they help form an integral part of the infrastructure throughout Africa. They saw that the need to reach remote areas became a priority and created a solution to that problem. Innovation is not innovation unless it is functional to the lives of those who need it and MST have succeeded in that light.

They have mobile vehicles big and small which cater to the needs of people in rural areas who don’t have the luxury go to town all the time so MST has brought services such as: Mobile healthcare and clinics, Mobile Schools Health, Mobile education, training and classrooms, Mobile command centre’s, Mobile justice among others. They say if you cant go to the beach we will bring the beach to you and that is exactly what MST has done over the years for African villages.

They have truly improved the lifestyles of those who have inaccessibility to basic services many of us take for granted. Innovation meets Technology with compassion, now that is what we call a true Nunnovator.