Review – A Trip to Heaven – SOHO


A trip to heaven – Review

The weather has been quite gloomy this week and the moment the sun came out to play my first stop was a visit to SOHO in Sandton, it really is a small piece of heaven. Imagine walking into a salon and you are treated as though you have your very own concierge. The lounge music selection literally helps you escape from the noise and busy vibes of Sandton. Welcomed by the beautiful smile of owner, Ms Getty, looking as porch as the salon, makes the trip that much more special. The staff welcomes you with open arms, not just the person who is going to do your nails but everyone who works in there.

The process of picking the nail color that would be a part of your life for the next few days is both exhilarating and overwhelming, its like being in a Lindt factory in Switzerland where you are just spoilt for choice. Ok, color picked, as the lady does my nails another comes and starts giving you a neck massage and while I have an informal interview with Ms Getty about the motivation behind SOHO and its interior.

SOHOThe interiors has the New York loft look and feel is inconspicuous the second you walk into SOHO. The maple floors and on the ceiling you have this circle with a centre piece tri-tap basin where hand scrubs are done. It is quite innovative, I have never seen taps like this, the picture probably does a better job than i do, better yet visit them and experience this haven.

From the mouth of the unofficial PR officer, Lesley Harris who is here every Friday for the past 3 years says “SOHO is the perfect place to escape and just get lost in your own little haven. Lesley is a perfectionist and says this is the only salon which meets all her needs and more, the staff, ambiance, everything about the place is just perfect”. Most of the clients like Lesley who walk in here know the staff very well and the relationship is genuine.

SOHO SandtonHere is a quick word from one of her staff members who will reveal the kind of person who made SOHO such a success. Loma D, who has been here since the inception of SOHO has a really strong bond with Getty, they reminisce about the beginning of the journey. When I asked Loma D what motivates her to go to work everyday and she said “The atmosphere, the passion and the clients, its my second home, i always look forward to seeing what is in store at SOHO when I wake up. My boss inspires me, I’m shy but ever since i met Getty she brought out the best in me. She has been my pillar of motivation, my confidence grew and my life was never the same. Getty sits with you, works on your weaknesses and enhances your strength, she wont let you drown, she will refine you till you are perfect”.

SOHO is expanding for all the great reasons, they employ 30 people on a full time basis,  who are friendly and have a really great relationship with their boss. Your every need is done by a professional, its not those situations where the Mani and Pedi lady also waxes and massages you, everyone is a specialist in their field, who have undergone extensive training on core values and quality standards of what makes SOHO such a unique brand.

I enjoyed my trip to SOHO and the quality experience I was given. Go visit SOHO in Sandton and tell us about your experience on our social media pages.