Start Up Tshwane, taking innovation to the people


The Innovation Hub in partnership with South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum (SABEF) and Tshwane Youth Business Council (TYBC) will be hosting the very first Start Up Weekend in Tshwane which will be held in Ga-Rankuwa. Start Up Weekend is a 54 hour event that brings together entrepreneurs, innovative minds, developers, industry experts and the likes inorder to collaborate on building a start-up over the course of 3 days. This is a taxing task as it requires the participants to not only brainstorm ideas but also to work on a pitch based on viable business model.

The participants present their pitches and based on the votes, the top pitches will be picked and groups will be formed inorder to work on these ideas. Group members collaborate on working on a start-up, combining their skills sets inorder to further build on the idea. Throughout the duration of the event, mentors and experts in respective industries will be present to guide participants on their ideas.  At the end of the 3 day course the groups get to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges and the top ideas picked will be part of the Maxum Business Incubation programme at the Innovation Hub and receive membership from SABEF.

The event commences today, 28th November 2014 at 6:30pm at the Ga-Rankuwa Arts and Crafts Centre with the theme ‘INNOVATION@WORK’. The judges for Start Up Tshwane are South African mining mogul Macdonald Temane and social entrepreneur Lebo Pule.

Start Up weekend is a global challenge rolled out in different cities around the world that brings together entrepreneurs inorder to for them to collaborate on business concepts and ideas. We anticipate great ideas to stem from young innovative minds in the capital city of South Africa and hope to be writing about some of the great ideas that will emanate from this great initiative.