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Nunnovation Journey


Nunnovation was an idea which brewed in December 2013 by founders Khathu Mashau and Ngwako Ramohlale for a number of reasons. Khathu was preparing his Masters Dissertation on “Innovation in Africa” and Ngwako wanted to change how people overseas perceive Africa and show them that this beautiful continent is in fact progressive. We saw that the most effective way to achieve these would be a magazine, a Nunnovationfree one, one which could be accessed internationally any time from any devise and so was born. While people were enjoying the holiday season we were busy working on bringing Nunn to life by 1st week of January 2014, we are proud to say we launched successfully going live on January 6th and its been an amazing journey since.

Nunn’s has been disruptive to the way media has done things over the decades, our brand does not Nunnovationconform to negative news, gossip and malicious reporting. We focus on the good news, the successful stories, celebrating game changers and promoting events which drive Innovation throughout Africa. Our motto is Inform – Educate – Inspire, and on a daily basis we make sure we achieve all this using our social media platforms.

Can we brag a bit? 10 months since going live, Nunn was in the top 4 most creative digital magazine by The British Counsel, we are now nominated for Best Lifestyle and best Innovation magazine by the SA Blog Awards. We have over 15000 twitter followers, over 28000 facebook page likes, over 1.5 million page views to date.

Nunn has partnered with Innovation giants like The Innovation Hub and The Innovation Agency. We are on the national television channel SABC (Newsroom with Eben) monthly, SABC radio (Phalaphala fm with Jimmy the Scratcher) weekly and have appeared on numerous TV, Radio stations and magazine on locally.

Khathu now sits on the board of Southern Africa Innovation Network (SAINe), the cherry on top was being media partner to two international innovation summits which took place in Geneva and Berlin respectively.

Nunnovation JourneyNunn has written about great innovators such as Siya Xuza and Ashish Takkar to social entrepreneurs like Malala. We have covered some of the best technology developed by Africans and touching stories which moved people to also get up and do something with their ideas. No greater pleasure for Nunn exceeds one where we are able to give international exposure to many of our innovators in Africa.

The future looks bright for Nunn as we prepare to have a television show which will showcase some of the innovators we have written about.

We would not have done of this without the support of God, our team Khathu, Ngwako, Refilwe, Tshilidzi and Tendai. Our partners, our contributors, our readers and all organizations who have given us a chance to prove ourselves have played a pivotal role in making us who we are, including those who have said “no” to us.

The success of any idea or business is through partnerships and collaborations and as we prepare for 2015 we know the best is yet to come. Now that you know the Nunn journey please take a second to vote for us by following this link,218

Here is to many more years of Informing – Educating – Inspiring you.