RHOK Pretoria, Hacking For Social Good


Random Hacks of Kindness (RHOK) is a global movement that brings together hackers/developers to hack for social good. RHOK is a Hackaton where techies, particularly programmers, graphic designers, interface designers, social developers and the likes gather to work on coming up with solutions to some pressing issues in society. In most cases the best solutions are picked and further worked on, with the hope of implementing these solutions globally.

RHOK Pretoria is a semi-annual event that will be held on the 5-6 December 2014 at the UNISA main campus.  With the aim of “Hacking for Humanity”, participants will gather with like-minded tech enthusiasts and innovators and come up with world-class solutions. Subsequent to the event held earlier on in the year, this last RHOK event for 2014 aims to house 100 developers who will be given the theme “Finish what you started”.

rhok pretoria participantsParticipants are given problems/challenges that they need to address and they then split into groups and the hacking begins. This is a rigorous exercise as the participants are addressing issues that people are facing. At the end of the 2 day course, the work done in the groups will be presented and the best ideas get picked and prizes are handed out to well deserving hackers. There are a number of developments that have occurred in the City of Tshwane, perhaps RHOK will contribute to the advancement of the Capital City.

This is what emanated from RHOK Pretoria in June 2014;

Shake ‘n Grab

– Introducing a new way of Communication, with this solution, two people can easily shake their phones to exchange information such as contacts.


– We live in a common society, our social standards for man kind matters. We have stuff we need to give away in an easy and convenient way, this solution connects and give a platform for donors and beneficiary to donate stuff.

gkElectronik Components Identifier – 1st prize

– The electronics field is an exciting one, explore what you’re missing out. Here is a thought, that electronic component/device you have seen; what is it? What does it do? Is it important? Do you need to put your knowledge to the test? This solution uses Argumented Reality to provide these answers.

myCampus Buildings – 2nd prize

– Are you new to place? Need to get to a building? Many buildings around, all meant for different services, one ONE is what you’re looking for. Asking for directions from people us not always efficient. Good news, this solution help you find that building, on your phone. Get to know what services are for what buildings.

P-STEM Platform – 3rd prize

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are of a great concern in the country with regard to skills shortage and employment rate. There is a breed to develop people with equipped skills and knowledge in these fields. This solution provides that platform to help build a good future in STEM by providing resources and knowledge.

IT and IT students

IT is a very nice field to be in but not everyone shares this view as the number of dropouts in the IT space continues to grow, hitherto many don’t to get into it. That “interest” element seem to shy away. Some need to be uplifted and empowered especially among the females. This come as an open challenge to come up with the best solution that will address these challenges.

Co-creation, collaboration, hacking for social good, social impact, world-class solutions; these are words that are synonymous with RHOK Pretoria, we look forward to a great event.