MegaDose Wins RHOK Pretoria, RHOKing For Humanity


Geared up with blue branded t-shirts, laptops, chargers, sleeping bags, and a whole lot of enthusiasm, the hackers arrived ready to ‘finish what they started’. A sequel to the first event that occurred in June earlier this year, the hackers came with the hopes of finishing off the projects that were started back then. Hosted at the University of South Africa (UNISA) at the Theo Van Wyk building, the young techies gathered together, had supper and were immediately briefed about their respective tasks for the coming 24hours.

Facilitated by Tiyani Nghonyama from Geekulcha and Jabu Mtsweni, the progress from the last RHOK Pretoria was announced and the current tasks were delivered. The tech enthusiasts split into groups to start working on their projects, time was not on their side. Projects that would realistically take a couple of weeks, they had to do in a matter of hours, so the pressure was on.


“It is unusual for people to meet up on a Friday, to do work they are not being paid for”, says Jabu Mtsweni. I was pleasantly surprised to see how young and determined the participants were. With no form of remuneration, which is a motivator for most people to do any type of work, these people dedicated themselves to these projects wholeheartedly. Glued to their screens, bunched up in groups, the techies got to work.

‘Hacking for Humanity’ is what Random Hacks of Kindness (RHOK) is all about, developers coming together to solve real challenges. Over 6 groups were initially formed, but over time, they were narrowed down to 4 groups namely;

  • 1. Donate My Stuff
  • A platform that connects the donors to their beneficiaries, making donating of stuff a lot easier and more convenient.
  • 2. P-STEM
  • A portal that addresses the skills shortage and unemployment crisis in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, creating a space where skills are developed and resources and knowledge are offered to those in these sectors.
  • 3. MegaDose
  • A social interactive app where a user has access to the latest music, blogs and events based on their network. One can upload their favourite music, blogs or even report about which event they’re attending and their opinion about it, and they share it with the rest of their network.
  • 4. My Smart Citizens
  • An app that allows citizens to facilitate their own submission of their water and electricity data readings to the municipality using a mobile application. This is efficient, cutting long queues and also creating an awareness amongst users about their water and electricity consumption.
Winners of RHOK Pta, developers of MegaDose

The overall winner for RHOK Pretoria December was MegaDose, based on their progress and functionality of their app, they won the title. The aim is to have these apps out in the market very soon, so we will be looking to see how these projects work. Many of the developers who were involved in the previous RHOK Pta (June) were scouted and are now working on big projects or even just expanding on the projects they had already worked on. We hope to see more collaborations happen between these selfless developers and big corporations take place, we are definetely in a time where collaborative efforts will help hasten change in the global society.