Jeannie Cointre Swiss-African Luxury Fashion Tour Launching Mid-Air in a Private Jet over NYC, Paris


Jeannie Cointre-Sheryne logoThe world continues to undermine the African child to its own peril. It is a fact that Africans in the Diaspora work twice as hard to prove their worth and in turn they constantly shatter records and break new grounds, one such individual is Jeannie Cointre.

In an Industry first, Jeannie Cointre of MySheryne luxury Brand is taking her designs to the sky. She is showcasing her A/W pret-a-porter collection 15/16 in a private Jet Mid-Air, over Geneva, Paris, Dubai and New York City. She has partnered with some of the best in the aviation industry.

Like the young people would say Its “Amazeballs” this is innovation at its best

Jeannie is also fusing her designs with wearable Technology from the best gadgets that were seen at the recent CES in Las Vegas. In flight will be some of the top industry fashion heads from all over the world, this is bound to be a showstopper in May.

Jeannie Cointre – Founder @ MySheryne

I recently met this amazing beauty with a brain in Geneva at an international conference where she was amongst the honored guests. Jeannie is the founder of MySheryne Luxury Fashion brand which fuses African Fabrics with high end luxurious material from across Europe, to develop ultra-modern style of elegant dressing. She has showcased her work across Europe and the United states on Red Carpets and broad catwalks.

She was inspired by her love for Africa and the need to showcase its traditions to the world, the fact that not many designers in these developed countries were using very little of African fabrics was a blessing for the growth of Mysheryne. She does not consider her designs to be an African brand but a classy luxury fusion of Europe and Africa. Sheryne first collection of unique pieces are hand made in the workshop in Lunik, Italy.

She was born in Senegal and now based in Switzerland, Jeannie was adopted with her sister by family in France. She has a unique tie to the Senegal culture and has been interested in bringing her lessons in the fashion industry back to her country. She is planning to Build 5 fashion schools through-out the Casamance Region, teaching locals how to use local fabrics and intertwine them into their own fashion creations to sell out to the world.

Jeannie Cointre, a former professional basketball player, a banker and later worked at the European Center for Nuclear Research in Geneva in the Finance department. She has a bachelor degree in Arts of Philosophy.

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