CAF brings in Medical Innovation to Improve Soccer In Africa during AFCON 2015


2015_Africa_Cup_of_Nations_logoFor the first time, physicians of the qualified teams to the 30th edition of ORANGE AFCON 2015 in Equatorial Guinea took in the medical data of PCMA (Pre-Competition Medical Assessment) of the 23 eligible Players online via the new CAF database medical system.

With the implementation of the medical system, CAF and National team doctors will benefit from the discovery of possible heart defects, ensuring proper monitoring of health evolution of the player in different age categories.

Also, the system will highlight the comparative statistics of the different injuries (elongation, tear, sprain, fracture, etc …) and biometric parameters (height, weight, age, … etc) per team ,per country and African zone.

Based on the statistical results of the system, the Medical committee will focus its research and training courses in high prevalence areas of different medical aspects.

In addition, the system will allow the team doctors to certify or not the fitness of each player and highlights the list of eligibility of the team.

It is important to mention that no player is eligible from now to participate in any CAF competition without its PCMA data are returned online through CAF CMS before the start of the tournament.

The system will be applied as well during the African U-17 Championship in Niger and the African U-20 Championship in Senegal which will be held respectively in February and March 2015.

All national associations are informed of this requirement to which is associated data collection of injury and doping by CAF medical officers during the final phase of competitions and interclub matches

Courtesy of CAFOnline