City Of Johannesburg to train 1000 Young Digital Minds, Apply Today


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The City Of Johannesburg Educating Digital Interns (C.O.J.E.D.I) is a programme by the City Of Johanessburg in its efforts to make Joburg a ‘smart city’. Giving 1000 young applicants an opportunity to be a part of this 10 month intense IT programme split into 3 courses namely; Network Engineering, Web Development and Fibre Optic certification

This programme is a 3 month technical bootcamp, 1 month of soft skill training followed by 6 months integrated learning in the workspace. This is an opportunity to school some of the city’s brightest IT minds to mould them into leaders and innovators in their fields, making a significant contribution to the city.

It is without doubt that the advancement of innovation will play a significant role to economic growth and development. There is a rapid growth in Information Technology, it keeps evolving ever so often, this will help alleviate unemployment and poverty by allowing these young enthusiasts to advance and develop in their field by also exposing them to some of the best digital enterprises in South Africa.

Inorder to apply to the programme, you will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Aged between 18 and 35
  • Resident of Johannesburg (Gauteng)
  • Have a matric with maths and science or a 1 or 2 year diploma in IT

Apply by doing the following:

  • Tweeting (@CityofJoburgZA using the #COJEDI), using Facebook, writing, blogging, creating a video, a website or an app – but the more committed the application the greater the chance of being a part of the COJEDI program.

If you have been noticed on any of these platforms, you will be sent a submission form.

This is a great way to mobilise the youth and create in them a competitive spirit which is required when entering the workspace, the IT sector is becoming saturated and a need to separate one self from the crowd is imperative and this can only be done by being bold and innovative.

Applicants need to create something outstanding in order to be picked to enter the programme and prove why you are the next best digital mind in the City of Johannesburg.

For more information visit:

The Official COJEDI site