Celebrating African Philanthropist: David Mabilu, The Property Mogul



David-Mabilu, City PressA born entrepreneur, Mr. David Mabilu from the dusty streets of Tshidimbini in the outskirts of Thohoyandou in Venda grew up in a four-roomed matchbox house in Soweto, which he shared with his parents, five siblings, three uncles and their wives. His mother was employed as a cleaner at the Jeppe Post Office in Johannesburg, but this happiness was short-lived when she died a few months after her employment. He said he had to do part-time jobs to supplement the family income.

After completing his secondary education at Tshidimbini Secondary school, Mabilu enrolled at the University of Limpopo and then at the University of Johannesburg, where he obtained a master’s degree in development. He took his first career steps as an employee in the non-governmental (NGO) sector, but always visualized himself as an independent businessman, following his passion of development. After being employed in various positions in the African National Congress (ANC) and the NGO sector, he launched his first property development business, Promafco, in 1997.

He started several ventures before establishing Vharanani Properties, a housing and infrastructure development firm, in 2001. During the 10 years Celebration of Vharanani Properties, he celebrated by launching “The David Mabilu Foundation” project that helps people who are in need through its various projects which are: Educational Donations, Entrepreneurs Incubation Program Mandela Day, United African Apostolic Church (UAAC) as well as other once-off programs which are also overlooked by his two trustees; Alex Masianoga, Director of Makhado Projects Management,  shareholder of Barberry Logistics and a board member of the Peter Tony Mphephu Bursary Fund and also Cedric Ramabulana of Ramabulana Attorneys.

The objectives of the Foundation are to

  • address issues of food security, advance the objectives of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (1996) by contributing
    Mr David Mabilu with adopted children during an outreach

    towards improving the socio-economic conditions of the most vulnerable;

  • provide educational support for children from disadvantaged backgrounds; Contribute to race and gender equity in previously white male dominated professions by providing educational support in mathematics, science and technology;
  • support local economic development with a focus on job creation, skills transfer, poverty alleviation and wealth creation;
  • and provide shelter to the vulnerable and the poor, realizing their basic right to a decent home.

“In selecting projects that the Foundation wants to support or partner with, the trustees give preference to those who serve the South African youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. In this regard, we specifically focus on basic education through the allocation funds towards schooling expenses of the very needy as well as bursaries for mathematics, science and technology career advancement. We also contribute towards the establishment or enhancement of community educational facilities and community training programs with a bias for entrepreneurship and job creation,” Mabilu said.

The Foundation believes that everyone is obliged to be educated .Through the inputs from people in the Tshidimbini Village, the Foundation identified 37 children from disadvantaged families whom it supports by providing them with school uniforms and bags, casual clothes, groceries and paying their school fees for the duration of their school years. The first 34 children were “adopted” by the Foundation in 2011, with another 3 brought on board in 2012. The Foundation monitors their attendance and progress at schools by nominating teachers to act as parents or guardians and can confirm that they are committed, hard working learners, who want to make every effort to improve their quality of life. It also ensures that learners are enabled to focus on the actual studies by assisting their families to deal with the financial burdens of schooling.

The Foundation is hoping to help create an environment for future entrepreneurs, in turn leading to much needed job creation in South Africa.

keep up the great work Mr.Mabilu, Africa needs more committed businessman/woman like you