Meet the Johannesburg Wine Connosieur


_DSC2960 (1)Born in Welkom in the Free State, 38 year old avid wine drinker, collector and maker, Oscar Mondli Seboko Masubelele went to get educated at a boarding school in the Limpopo Province, South Africa. His wine making career dates back over the years and he takes us on his journey.

Kobose Fine Wine

Kobose Fine Wine is a boutique wine supplier boasting a unique collection of South African and International wine and champagne labels. The company was established in 2012, after 6 years of planning by this experienced, passionate wine enthusiast, Oscar Masubelele, who aspired to develop a first class wine distribution business.

Three years on, Kobose Fine Wine boasts an impressive portfolio of over 30 wine brands that are sold to a range of clubs, bars and restaurants around South Africa.

“Our primary objective of Kobose Fine Wine Merchants is to specialize and be innovative”.

He adds, “We do not mean to mirror other wine distributors throughout South Africa. Through innovation, we are breaking new ground on how a supplier is represented and how new craft brands are built, using small craft wholesalers to navigate the distribution channels”.

Kobose Fine Wine Merchants Marketing team’s overarching strategic objective is to move from the traditional distributor’s role of reactionary marketing to a new strategic pro-active brand building role.

“At Kobose Fine Wines, we are consistently striving toward a more efficient, co-operative and participative relationship with our suppliers and key accounts, we take unconventional approach to Importing Fine Wines and Distribution throughout South Africa”.

Today, Kobose Fine Wine is in the process of closing a deal with a Chinese Bulk wine buyer, and will be supplying them with 10 containers of red wine per 2-3 months.

They also host a lot of life style picnic events where they promote the culture of wine and champagne drinking, especially in the black community.

“Our aim is also to supply to stockvels, weddings, parties and so forth making sure that are our people get these high-end brands at competitive price”, says Oscar.

Oscar then giggles as he remembers how this all began. He recalls how he purchased wine bottles but could not keep them for long, as he would consume them, this he confesses with a giggle, cheerful as he is. Going further to say, “I drink at least 5 glasses of wine every day.

Oscar then adds that South Africa’s wine industry not only continues to increase its contribution to the country’s GDP but is also creating employment job opportunities. It remains one of South Africa’s leading agri-exporters, accounted for 1,2% of the national GDP in 2013 and in that year it contributed R36,1bn to the economy and indirect employment for close to 300 000 people.

According to the researchers’ calculations, across the entire value chain, the industry generated turnover of R26, 4bn in 2013, a 37, 5% increase on 2008. An amount of R8, 5bn was exported directly, thanks to a dramatic growth in export volumes that accounted for 57.4% of wine production in 2013, with sales doubling in rand value. The value of domestic sales for the period grew by 38, 4%.

Although the wine distribution industry is still a white dominated industry, there is a modest increase in wine consumption in black townships and in particular amongst the black middles class. “I believe the future looks bright for kobose wines”, says Oscar.

Oscar is hoping that soon, Kobose wines will be distributing to Sub Sahara Africa.