How Namola Technology is Overcoming Crime in South African


635533762029160411-iphoneAs the fight against crime continues, there are initiatives that adopt more technological advancements to help ease the situation. A South African IT company has launched a mobile app that alerts the police about emergencies at the click of a button.

Namola an application for smart phones which will help the nearest armed responders to intervene if ever a possible crime is happening.

For the time being the Namola, as its known, will be piloted by the Tshwane Metro Police who, like Uber’s affiliated drivers, are equipped with dashboard-mounted smartphones which will use live gps to monitor locations where crime is taking place.

In time of necessity, a Namola user can tap the “Get Armed Response” button, which will then alert the nearest response vehicle. The first responder to indicate that they are available to assist is automatically directed to the requesting user using the GPS technology on the smartphone.

This app uses GPS data on the smartphones to trace the help seeker in need, and to detect the nearest police officers in the area.

“This pilot is the first step in understanding how this new technology can be used to make all in the City of Tshwane and South Africa safer,” said the Chief of the Tshwane Metro Police, Steven Ngobeni

First world countries like the USA, England and Germany already have such apps which helps reduce crime rate in the countries.

Mobile development company Detroit Labs created the DPD Connect app for the Police Department of Detroit in America, according to the reports in America “… The new app, which can be downloaded for free, provides community members with up-to-date news — including positive information, crime updates relevant city stats and posts about wanted criminals.

Additionally, the app features an anonymous tip tool for easily reporting non-emergency incidents to a channel that is monitored 24/7, and easy-to-find contact information through a simplified database of important city resources, including animal control, parking enforcement and more.”

While most of the people have access to smart phones world-wide, they have a better chance of reducing crime in their communities other than just being typical bystanders. The Namola will be of great benefit to the citizens of Tshwane, and look forward to a visible reduction in crime, all thanks to the technology and innovation.