But First, Let’s Take A #Selfie.


Alice Mminele

My ears pop up from my head when the word “Selfie” is mentioned. I am guilty of taking at least five selfies a day. It worries me not, as there are millions of people from around the globe that are probably even guilty of taking over five like I do.

The word “Selfie” was named international Word of the Year 2013 by Oxford Dictionaries in both the UK and US. The noun defined as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website,” has been buzzing ever since.

What better way to add to that buzz than to introduce the new selfie device on the market?

Yes, Hisense has just revealed their new smart-phone for their South African Market. The ideal phone that allows one to go selfie crazy.

This phone comes with an aircraft aluminium casing, which gives it a sleek look, this gadget screams “style”, and its slim design and rounded edges makes it a true beauty and a beast at the same time. This is the H6 smartphone, South Africa, say “Hello!” Literally!

The Infinity H6 features 1 GB RAM and 16 GB storage, which can be increased by 32GB using a Micro SD card. It also has a 1,2GHz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which promises fast processing. So this phone is actually not just a selfie phone, but a time saver as well.



Now for the selfie lovers, lend me your ears. Nothing could be better than this phones impressive 8MP back camera and a 5MP front camera, for high resolution selfies.

The phone also features screen gesture controls for hands-free picture taking. Is this not just too cool? Just like the endless selfies to be snapped with this fancy gadget.

Another selling feature are the Dolby speakers for music playback. When last did one listen to music without using headphones? Hmmm. These powerful speakers are a great addition to an already awesome phone.

Priced at R3 499, the H6 sure will be a competitor for Huawei.

Trendy, functional, and stylish, this is what we call great value for money. Honestly, it leaves me thinking “Where’s the catch”?

The H6 will be launching in March 2015 and initially it will be exclusively available from Cell C stores.

So, in honour of selfies’ continuing dominance in the world, here is the Hisense H6 at your disposal. This will surely allow one to add to the already existing million #Selfie hashtags on Instagram.

From me to you with love, happy selfies!