Being Lord of the Ring in Your House


imageWe have all watched those movies that have all these fancy gadgets which we wish were real, well guess what, we in the digital age where all those gadgets are not only real, but they are commercial too, so you can get your hands, well in this case (you can get your finger on it).

I present to you, the ring that can do almost everything by just one swing, this is the Logbar.

This Ring is like magic, allowing you to control anything you want, by wearing it on your finger. You can send texts, control home appliances, and even pay your bills — all at once and in a flash.

Of course a gadget this advanced in the market will come with its fair share of criticism especially from competitors and “tech guru’s” so the creator of this smart gadget had this to say. Yoshida noted that the criticism is necessary to the process and he believes that many of the “haters” are using their Rings incorrectly.

He shared, “When you first tried to use a keyboard, you had to look at every key before you pressed it. After a while, you learned how to type without looking. Ring is the same. You need practice to use it, and we also realize that we need to publish more information about how to use it correctly. It’s hard to explain by video or words, and I wish I could show people how to use it properly face-to-face.”

Get the ring and share your experience with us, I sure would like to own a gadget that actually encourages me to lift a finger in the house. I do wonder though, is technology making us lazy as people? Share your views on our Facebook or Twitter page, we would like to hear from you.