Meet 2 Year Old DJ Arch Jnr, Oh Boy What A Marvel!


The old adage that goes, “dynamite comes in small packages” is relevant in this case. You have to see it to believe it. DJ Arch Jnr is the son to Glen and Refilwe Hlongwane, a two year old DJ who spins the decks like a pro. This toddler can hardly construct a sentence, however his ear for music is so mature it would put many adults to shame. His dad is a DJ and he would sit with him while working on his music, and one day as he was testing out a new App on his iPad he put his iPad down and to his surprise his son started using the App with ease.

DJ Arch Jnr as he wows the crowd with his skills

The typical 2 year old is not spinning the decks, is there something special about this little boy from Soweto (South Africa)? While his peers are hardly making it through “Ba ba black sheep…” this muso is blasting away, with a crowd of adults eating out of his tiny hand. One of the tell-tale signs of a baby genius is how musically inclined they are. It is evident that this little boy has a unique talent, that could make any grown man green with envy. Watching him manoeuvre his little hands around those turntables is admirable, quite a sight I must say.

I don’t know what’s cuter, watching this musical talent on the decks, elevated on crates and chairs or seeing him dance to his own mixes. We cannot argue with the fact that what this boy can do is way beyond what the average toddler is doing, and we can only hope that his talent will be nurtured and that we will soon see him playing on even bigger stages amongst some of the best in the industry. 

I commend his parents for noticing the talent that this adorable boy has and unlike many parents would do, sending the toddler off, and reprimanding him to stop playing with mom/dads expensive equipment, these parents allowed their son to explore. Unknowingly they were unleashing the talent from one of the youngest disc jockey’s in the world. This young talent has earned himself a bursary from a Boston Media House to further develop his DJ’ing skills, quite a benevolent gesture by the college. He has an avid following on Facebook, boasting with about 13,000+ followers. I might not have a crystal ball to look into his future, but I can tell that this young boy is going far.

Africa has talent, #BestOfAfrica