The Free State Government Sponsoring More Students To Study Abroad



 It was a year ago when Free State Premier Ace Magashule announced that he would be sending more than 300 students to study in Turkey, Cuba and China in an attempt to address the problem of skills shortage and to put the province in a better position towards improving the economy. Last month, the premier announced that there would be more students this year to be part of the vision.

This month 100 more students will be sent to India to study Information Technology and to work towards addressing the identified skills shortage problem in the province. Magashule has also announced that the provincial government would continue prioritising the importance of educating young minds and investing in their education. He is also positive that the results of this endeavor would be realised by 2019.

As part of its effort to enhance education in the province, the Free State provincial government has over the years provided bursaries to thousands of students from the province to study at universities across South Africa and to acquire the necessary skills.

At the moment, the Free State government is funding more than 7000 students at universities both in South Africa and abroad, this includes the 400 that are currently studying in China and 40 in Turkey. The bursary-holders are mostly studying in fields such as medicine, engineering and other specialty fields that are in high demand in the province as well as in the country. Magashule is optimistic that the rate of unemployment will decrease even more when all bursary holders return to the province to implement their skills.

When asked how the experience to study abroad has been thus far, bursar-holder Maseti Nyama said “It’s been eye-opening. It was challenging at first because of the language barrier but nonetheless I feel privileged to have been granted such an opportunity. This is an amazing opportunity, thumbs up to Free State government”. Maseti is currently studying towards a qualification in Physiotherapy in Turkey.

Africa can only grow if the entire African society invests in Education towards shared future. Well done to the Free State government, continue to set the trends