Africa’s New Exciting Social Media Platform: Kolabo8



It seems like almost everyone is on social media these days, young or old. Facebook took the world by storm, everyone just seemed in-love with the idea of connecting with long-lost friends and family members, keeping up with the daily lives of people who live miles away from us, meeting new people and seeing their lives through pictures. We’ve seen that social media definitely has a place in Africa so let’s bring it back home.

In an effort to bring the world of connectivity to the door-steps of the continent, young African entrepreneurs have come together and created a new, all African social media platform called “Kolabo8”. This new app promises to give Africans an appropriate, more fitting way of chatting, sending messages, downloading music and videos. Kolabo8 will also give users a chance to organise and participate in online debates as well as polls for students and business professionals.

Kolab8 was launched in Accra this month, an initiative by Justout Solutions and Innovation (JSS) Media Incorporation. It was created in order to identify specific social, political, economic and technological needs of Africans and to link those identified needs with those in other countries. Inspired by countries such as Europe, America and Asia who have succeeded in using the same approach, JSS realises the need to address socio-economic issues through ICT training and development.

The Executive Director of Ghana Centre for Entrepreneurship, Employment and Innovation (GCEE), John Armah, has complimented the JSS team for such an effort. He encouraged African youth to support this initiative that is 100% African originated. At the moment, the app has countries such as South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria on board.

The JSS team is determined to break limits and show the rest of the world what Africa is made of. The ideas, talent and creativity behind the creation of the app is set to attract multitudes of users, placing Africa on top in terms of innovation. Social media fans can download the app free of charge on

These young entrepreneurs have paved the way, now it is up to us, ordinary Africans to ensure that this becomes a success. Let’s support our fellow Africans and download this exciting app.

Spread the word, Africa’s got talent!