Introducing Nigeria’s First Green Car



ABU-s-environmentally-friendly-car-it-hopes-to-enter-for-the-2015-Shell-Eco-Marathon-Competition1-300x250More people around the world are starting to see the need for a greener environment, more specifically, the need to own green cars. Car manufacturers around the world are now focused on ensuring the manufacturing of green cars, for the sake of the environment. To show the world that Africa is just as committed to maintaining the environment, the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) in Nigeria, has recently manufactured the country’s first ever green car.

The unveiling of this first locally-made environmentally friendly vehicle took place last week in Nigeria where the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department and Dean of the Engineering Faculty, Dr Mohammed Dauda, also told journalists that the car would be part of the institution’s entry in the Shell Eco Marathon Competition. This annual competition attracts student teams worldwide to design, build and test ultra energy-saving vehicles. Winners are picked on the basis of which team goes the furthest in using the least amount of energy.


This energy-efficient car is made out of materials which were all obtained locally and the team made use of recycling while manufacturing. The university was approached by Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited to produce a car that doesn’t consume much petrol but travels long distances, which would ultimately enter them into the competition. The engineering team succeeded in doing just that but mostly demonstrating local talent and the advancement of engineering in the country.

Statistics are clear, vehicles are worsening air pollution hence the manufacturing and the use of green cars is of utmost importance. The benefits of using green cars include lower driving costs, less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and lower maintenance costs to name a few.

Well done to the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the Ahmadu Bello University for leading the way and showing that Africa is just as committed to creating a greener environment as other continents.