The First App In The World Made For Diplomats To Interact


3813-kwaleThe Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta has launched an application called the “Balozi App”, this is a mobile application developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ease communication between ambassadors and diplomats by interacting directly with, the President.

The app was unveiled when The President was speaking during the opening of the 17th Biennial Ambassadors’ High Commissioners’ Conference at Ukunda in Kwale County.

The President has described that the app will improve communication and cut on the cost of making phone calls. The president has stated that the app will be a way of promoting the adoption and use of technology by the ambassadors/ diplomats. The app will provide, among other things, a messaging service, teleconferencing capabilities and a video conferencing channel.

This app is the first of its kind in the world, and it’s in-line with the Kenya’s Vision 2030 which will see Kenya improve their technological sphere. The vision elaborates that “We all want a Kenya that is advanced in technology, where other countries look up to us for technology solutions”

Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs in Kenya, Amina Mohamed has said: “The Balozi App is the first of its kind in the world, connecting all the ambassadors together.”

This masterpiece app has been developed by Kenya’s Rapid Communications Ltd, and most incredibly the app will enable the ambassadors to have seamless interaction with the Foreign Affairs Office and the Cabinet Secretary.

10265338_1035416173153602_8966423794214624475_o_article_fullWhile demonstrating the app, Aninda Dutta, Business Development Director at Rapid Communications Limited explained that: “The Balozi App was developed with the key purpose of ensuring seamless communication between the stakeholders to facilitate prompt decision making”.

Furthermore, President Kenyatta reiterated that the Balozi App would create a more private, and conducive interactive channel with the envoys. Additionally, through the use of the app, the envoys would be adopting the use of digital technology in accordance with the Jubilee manifesto.

With the basics of the app being to feature instant messaging, Balozi app allows real time text-based communication. When sharing data, documents, videos, images and pre-recorded messages, the app features allows a user to share documents (up to 5MB in size) for instant viewing.

Kudos to Kenya for introducing what we view as a game changing product which will hopefully be used around the globe. #BestOfAfrica