Santam Introduces New Safety App



The idea of people keeping tabs on your every move might sound a little too much, right? But think of it this way- with the increased number of accidents happening in our roads daily, wouldn’t it be nice for your loved ones to know your whereabouts?

Santam+XXXSantam, South Africa’s leading short-term insurer, has launched a new app on Tuesday after working on it for three years. The main purpose of this app is to help people to stay safe on the roads. Whether you’re driving, cycling, walking or even taking a jog down the street. The app lets you choose friends and family to virtually escort you on your journey from the beginning to the very end, your loved ones will also be notified when you arrive at your destination.

The app provides an option to select your activity, you then choose your starting point and your destination and after that, you enter the estimated duration of your trip. The app then allows you to choose the people whom you want to monitor your journey. Your loved ones will then receive notifications on their smartphones once your journey has started and will also be able to monitor your progress on a live map on their smartphones. Those without smartphones will get SMS notifications.santam-besafe_bg

This new Santam app also comes with an accident reporter which makes it easy for you to record details from a collision which will assist with the claiming process, we know how delayed the police are sometimes at accident scenes. With the feature, you can scan the barcode of your car, record audio statements from those involved, capture photos from the accident, locate the nearest police station as well as the nearest Santam drive-in centre to begin with the repairs.

The beauty about this app is that it is absolutely free and it is not just for Santam clients, everyone can download the app. With the app, Santam aims to support their brand position by helping ordinary people with giving them an opportunity to connect with their families while keeping safe on the roads.

I don’t know about you but I will definitely be downloading the app, safety is of utmost importance especially with the current crime rate, this is a great way to keep everyone in check.


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