Sixth Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit to be Hosted in Kenya


KenyaThe Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) is an initiative that was launched by US President Barack Obama in 2009 in an effort to bring together the world’s most prominent entrepreneurs, leaders, government officials, small medium enterprises as well as corporate leaders. It is a platform for entrepreneurs and innovators in Africa to come together and share new ideas. This year, Kenya has the privilege to host this extraordinary event.

The GES aims to support entrepreneurs’ efforts to contribute to the economic development of their respective nations, at the same time working towards poverty reduction. The event will take place in July and will be attended by President Barack Obama, this will be the fourth time that the US President visits Sub-Saharan Africa which also happens to be his homeland.

The main idea behind the GES is to celebrate global entrepreneurs and serve as a platform for them to exchange innovative ideas. The summit is expected to attract more than 1000 entrepreneurs and investors from all over Africa and around the world. The idea behind this year’s GES is to focus on attracting new investments in entrepreneurs especially women and the youth.

president obama summit
US President Barack Obama

Considering the fact that Kenya is rapidly becoming a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, given the country’s recent successes which include mobile money systems such as “M-pesa”, it is no surprise that the country got selected as a destination for GES. Evidently, Kenya is moving forward in terms of innovation, making it the ideal place to host the world’s most prominent entrepreneurs and innovators.

In his trip to Kenya, President Obama is expected to also participate in bilateral meetings. The White House has also announced that this new partnership between the US and the Kenyan Government will serve as an opportunity to honour the historical ties between the two. The trip will also highlight the continent’s achievements in improving health standards, education, human rights, good governance as well as economic growth, at the same time inspiring new opportunities for the upcoming generation.

It is inspiring to see such platforms being brought to the heart of Africa, it means that the continent’s entrepreneurial and innovative efforts are actually getting worldwide recognition. To be considered to host the world’s biggest summit is a big step in the right direction, not only for Kenya but for Africa as a whole. The future of African innovation is here!


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