Horyou – Showcasing Social Good at the Cannes Film Festival


Press Release

New York, NY April 08, 2015

Horyou, the Social Network for Social Good, will present Horyou Village at the 2015 Cannes Festival. For 12days, the values of social good will be highlighted through the lenses of art, culture and diversity. This is a unique opportunity to interact with a global community of individuals, organizations and personalities making a difference through positive actions.

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Featuring a dedicated interview stage for local and international artists and personalities, a screening area set up for showcasing socially oriented documentaries and an exhibition area for non-profit organizations, Horyou Village will be a focal point where participants will engage with attendees and film personalities to promote their socially oriented ideas and projects. It will also include a media lounge, concerts, as well as performing and visual arts. All of the above will be shown at horyouvillage.com on the Horyou social web channel.
Located in the heart of Cannes, Le GRAND HOTEL’s gardens will be the venue of the event. “Organizing Horyou Village at Le Grand Hotel demonstrates our shared love of the arts and cultural values, and provides central visibility in the gardens overlooking the Croisette,” Horyou founder and CEO Yonathan Parienti said.

“In the coming weeks, Horyou will be announcing updates and featured appearances at the Horyou Village. At the same time, Horyou is welcoming all socially responsible companies to join this world premiere event where social good will be embracing and showcasing an active approach to arts, culture and diversity.
Yonathan Parienti remarked, “Horyou Village will be a reflection of the world, highlighting the diversity of its participants, who can build bridges of culture and empathy, with the arts and cinema as the engines of this unique gathering supporting social good.”

Additionally, the Horyou Foundation will hold a Gala Dinner at the Villa Saint Georges on May 20. Established in January 2014, the Foundation promotes and supports the non-profit organizations present on the Horyou platform. Moreover, the Foundation cooperates with external projects and initiatives that are in harmony with worldwide humanitarian causes, scientific and medical research, protection of fauna and flora, education and the arts.

Horyou is the Social Network for Social Good. Its Members, Organizations and Personalities promote a humanistic approach to technology to encourage positive actions, provide quality content and prompt meaningful interactions. At Horyou, social networking facilitates the process of transforming ideas into concrete actions, while contributing to the building of constructive relationships between the online and offline worlds. Let’s Dream, Inspire and Act.

Nunnovation will bring you all the action live from the Cannes Festival via all our online multimedia platforms.

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