The Taste Of Soweto In A Can



Johannesburg brewer, Ndumiso Madlala wants the International market to taste Soweto in a bottle. Soweto Gold is the name of a thirst quenching beer which has been sipped since 2012, which was first launched to the public at the Soweto Beer Festival in October 2013, and now, Madlala feels that it has the weight to go commercial.

The Ubuntu Kraal Brewery in Orlando West, Soweto (Johannesburg), is the country’s first majority black-owned microbrewery, owned by Madlala who was a brew master at SABMiller for nine years before following his dream of owning his own beer brand.

Madlala is a chemical engineer who perfected his brewing skills in the UK and today after hitting the South African craft market by storm, he has ventured on building his own brewery to meet the demand for Soweto Gold.

Madlala has also made a difference to some people’s lives as he now employs 13 permanent staff after receiving more funding from a state development agency.

Whenever I drive to work, I just think how wonderful it is that we are starting the first microbrewery in the township. And we’re putting that in Soweto. I mean, the first microbrewery in the country was in 1983. And since then, all microbreweries have been in white suburbs. And it’s the first time that we have set up a brewery in a black township”, says Madlalad799fb_75a682e2894c460e907ffe31bb5bf7d6_png_srz_p_162_177_75_22_0_50_1_20_0

Madlala goes on to say, “We have been fortunate to create great relations with restaurant and bar owners, who support us and tell us that our brew and brand outsell many of the other world-class premium beers. We are filling orders daily and I have been forced to increase productions with our production partners at Nottingham Road Brewery to keep up.”

Soweto Gold is ready to compete against some of the best in the world, and perhaps the taste of economic freedom will be ideal for South Africans and people from around the globe.

With the government recently putting a lot of focus on developing black industrialists, such happenings give us hope that South Africa is well on its way to growth where a healthy balance is obtained  across all races. We can’t wait to see Soweto Gold hitting the major stores along with some of the best in the market currently.