Electromobility (E-mobility), the revolution in electric powered transportation is here!


E-mobility has come and will redefine the future of country by offering a more enjoyable, environmentally-friendly driving experience using electric vehicles that offer clean, quiet and comfortable mobility. E-mobility enables exciting, innovative transport solutions that are particularly gentle on the environment, reducing the emission of carbon and particles helps to significantly improve the quality of life in our cities.

The Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) through its Innovation Skills Development (ISD) unit has developed a new business case focusing on strengthening critical thinking capabilities within the NSI to enable the progression of technologies from proof of concept stage through to pre-commercialisation.(from TRL level 3-8).  The outcome of the new ISD strategy is to identify, nurture and support top performers in two categories namely; next Generation 100 Top Innovators and Future 500 Top Innovators who will be trained as innovation leaders so as to capacitate them to be absorbed in the National System of Innovation to spur innovation and technological enterprise development One way to ensure a sustainable stream of skilled workers is to up skill top performers to master Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Skills, which are the very foundation of innovation and lead to advanced problem-solving and full-spectrum thinking (design thinking) skills.

To this end, the ISD unit partnered with IBA Global & Nunnovation Africa Foundation to take 100 top innovators in April 2015 from South Africa to Germany to receive an intensive insight into the theory and practice of electric mobility from leading institutions in Germany. The trip will be followed by an intensive capacity development programme for 1 year until the launch of the 5 technology start- ups with the support of Porsche Germany, ZeppelinNT, Siemens, Bosch Electrical and Fraunhoff Institute.  The innovators are going to be doing further work with a major car manufacturer and as well be acclimatized to South Africa E-mobility competencies at the Uyilo E-Mobility Technology Station and the nelson mandela Metropolitan University.

Uyilo as the leader for technology demonstration through the Electric Vehicle Industry Alliance has undertaken to establish a project management office which will oversee the commercialisation of new developed solutions. The office will steer as well a national agenda in terms of the advocating for smarter energy uses through energy grids which will see efficient energy utilisation thereby contributing to ease the energy demand.

U-Move Logistics (Pty) Ltd a major fleet management industry player is also coming on board to accelerate the adoption of e-mobility solutions within the transport sector. U-Move Logistics (Pty) Ltd is planning to aggressively roll out eco-transportation and last mile transport solutions within the next 3 months in collaboration with City of Johannesburg and city of tshwane.

It is envisaged that the implementation of These solutions would align the countries with its global peers in keeping up with the trend of smart city development; offer entrepreneurial and training opportunities for the youth to be involved in as the e-mobility value chain goes further than transportation and as well transform the innovation landscape in the country.

It is important to have a strategic view on clean and accessible mobility that goes beyond the car. The new technologies that the e-mobility program will develop would encourage more sustainable and low carbon lifestyles (car-sharing; car clubs; peer-to-peer car rental services; urban neighbourhoods with land use policies that prevent further sprawl and ensures access to key services), without compromising individual mobility. This will be achieved without compromising on aspects like safety, cost, affordability, reliability and accessibility for consumers.

The potential for e-transports solutions remains untapped in the country and such spirited efforts to bring this to reality will go a long way in stimulating the flagging South African economy, as the reach of the technology solutions can be useful throughout Africa and can serve as a model for the developed world .It is our hope and aspiration to see the whole of South Africa set off safe in the knowledge that e-mobility solutions are there to guarantee a relaxing drive. That e-mobility would be simple as Plug & Charge: simply plug in, charge and enjoy (electrically powered) freedom and mobility.