Congratulations, it’s a Zonkie


SPL_zebra_donkey_mthg_130725_Just take one look at little Zonkie and you will be convinced that love knows no boundaries. Of course, a Zonkie is just what it sounds like. Half zebra, half donkey. Possibly even part lion depending on what kind of shenanigans were going on inside the stable.

The love child of a zebra and a wild donkey is turning heads in the Free State at Roux Horsemanship in Bainsvlei outside Bloemfontein.  . Apparently named, Zonkie, is being reared by a family of Bloemfontein horse trainers. And while the three-year-old is still a little rough around the edges, the Roux family believes he could be destined for life as a star.

“He is about 3-years-old and my husband, Bertie, has tamed him using only body language,”said Annemarie Roux, Berties wife. “Children adore him. They feed him carrots and he loves it!”

zebra and donkey shutterstock_19480039The little beast has the furry coat of a donkey, but boasts the fashionable striped tights of his zebra ancestors.

Zonkie will not be trained as a riding or working animal and will not be used for breeding, as hybrids are usually sterile.

Unlike other hybrids such as mules (horse and donkey), or zorses (horse and zebra), zonkeys do occur in the wild as herds of wild donkeys and zebra co-exist in parts of Africa. But they are extremely rare.