Horyou Cannes Social Good Festival


We are live at the Horyou Cannes Social Good Festival, the weather is just perfect, not too sunny not too cold. The Horyou stage is set in the heart of the famous Cannes Film Festival overlooking the beach.

image (1)So far the Horyou Village has been a great success! The buzz circles the Cannes Festival and visitors are having a great time!  There is a lot of music and fun times are had by all. One Day 2 at the interview stage we talked to the director of Pure Life, Jeremy Banster and the directors of Legend of the Rabbits: The martial of fire (From China) Ma Yuan and Dong Dake. Horyou’s concept of bringing together different artists with one purpose of doing social good is pure genius as everyone creatively feeds off of each other.

Doing Social Good for the longest time was just about being like Mother Teresa, by collecting from the rich and giving to the poor, but now, people from across the globe have found innovative ways of tackling social ills, which we know can range from poverty to drug abuse to helping reduce our carbon footprint.

The power of being creative in doing Social Good is that you do not change the lives of those you care for but you inspire others from any background realize that they too can play their role in making a positive impact in their community. Nowadays, a new community seems to be the one with the biggest need for Social Good, this community is known as the ‘online’ community. Online communities have no government, no borders and certainly no written law, this essentially conveys one to choose whether they going to exist online to destroy or show positive change.

Horyou has mastered the art of uniting individuals from across the globe to collectively play that pivotal role of promoting good and inspiring others to do so too.

At the Cannes we see individuals driven by a purpose all connecting for good and celebrating life. We trust that you too will be inspired to do good and make a noise about it. Nunnovation and Horyou will continue to showcase the good people are doing out there, until doing good is a natural thing to all humanity. Go out there and do good for your society too, be the change you desire to see in generations to come.

by Ngwako Ramohlale